Zvukomir System One //Fine Details [English]

Part II from III. If you fall on this page at first, see a visual presentation of the entire audio system here: Zvukomir System One


Fine details

Many friends wanted to see a little bit more of System One. I published here some of the elements during the workmanship, which are invisible at first glance. These details add more depth in the presentation of the project. The photos are informal, I usually take them just before the fitting.

When you see the stands from below, you can notice details which can not be seen in normal position. The vision of a project, however, is something complete and the accurate solutions reveal the potential and the skills which are invested in the system.


I like the workmanship and the design to be peak at every level of the construction of the system.


The next picture is a little part of a big challenge. For the cable stitch i was inspired from the marine ropes. The two speaker cables have 12 wires, each of them with a length of 4,5 meters. The power cable has 12 wires and 2 meters length. In total in the cables are woven around 140 meters high-end wires. That sounds a lot, and that number does not even include the internal wiring in the boxes of the electronics and the speakers.


A decision in favor of the natural materials. On this picture you can see the sealing rings between the speaker cabinet and the speaker driver. The very accurately cutted rings have to be prepared for “smoothing” between the pages of a heavy book at least for a week.


The speakers’ bracelets are made of brushed stainless steel and the speakers themselves are attached with high quality screws which are also made of stainless steel. To finish qualitatively the speakers’ vision I had to inspect almost 900 bolts and to select 48 “defective”, i.e. those bolts which are missed by the punching machine and have no marker.


Part III: Zvukomir System One /Internal Architecture

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