Zvukomir System One ///Internal Architecture [English]

Part III of III. If you fall on this page at first, see a visual presentation of the entire audio system here: Zvukomir System One


The internal architecture of the system is a place where I merged vision and function through my novel approach. This is one of the most interesting moments during the whole work. Before I lift one of the lids I present you the new appearance of System One.


The new white ribs are symmetrically placed on the power supply and the power amplifiers box. They are the visual part of the active cooling system which I added subsequently. System One is quite energy efficient and it is not necessary to be cooled. The idea behind the designing is to control the operating temperature of the power amplifiers in optimal temperature norm for the sound. In addition, thus the sensitive components as capacitors are protected from overheating and shortened life.


This is the structure under the lid of one of the boxes – this one with the amplifiers:

03.zvukomir.system.one.amplifiers.internal.architecture 04.zvukomir.system.one.amplifiers.internal.architecture.noiseblocker.bionic.fan 05.zvukomir.system.one.internal.architecture.signal.cables.shield 06.zvukomir.system.one.internal.architecture.fan.lownoise.cooling.system

In such audio system the fans immediately impress. They are high-end, with magnetic levitating rotors, effective form of the fins for directing of the air flow, have anti-dust coating and many years of life at uninterrupted exploitation. The supply voltage is not standart. The fans soundless during the exploitation.

The interior architecture is а complex infrastructure made up of layers that form the cable routes. The types of signals have their own cable tunnels at different levels in height. Thus the different types of cables do not touch each other either horizontally or vertically. The layers here are 5, and in the other boxes reach 7. To imagine this three-dimensional installation, then to visualize it on the drawings and finally to turn it in a real project took me a lot of time. The result is great, the system combines form and function of a very serious level.

07.zvukomir.system.one.amplifiers.render.internal.arhitecture 08.zvukomir.system.one.amplifiers.render.internal.arhitecture

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